Is your Indoor environment healthy?

Is your Indoor environment healthy?

Your environment speaks a lot about you, in general. The environment does not always mean lush green surroundings, it is your living space enclosed. We talk a lot about to have a clean and healthy environment but what we often fail to understand is that the outer environment the parks, roads, supermarkets, etc. might not affect us that as much as the indoors of our house because it is where we actually live and breathe in the most.  

The four walls that surround us and seclude us from the outer world can separate us from the outside environment also. This is the reason that in winters we tend to feel warmer inside as compared to outside. The cold and dry air in winters dry out our lungs, nose, and skin and to rectify we use moisturizers. But we can minimize this dryness effect by installing a humidifier. Let’s see how a humidifier can make our indoors healthy:

  • Prevents influenza: It is a well-known fact that humidifiers trim down the risks of catching flu. But if you are suffering from influenza you tend to spread the virus in your surroundings, but with a humidity level of above 40%, it deactivates the power of the virus. Therefore, installing a humidifier will cut down the influenza spread in your home making your surroundings hygienic. 
  • Eases cough: Dry air can attack your respiratory system causing a dry and unproductive cough. An unproductive cough is more dangerous than a productive one. As a productive cough completes its cycle and eases down the trapped phlegm but an unproductive one lingers on till you have proper medications. 
  • Reduce snoring: Increased amount of humidity in the air is also proven to reduce snoring effects. With a drier atmosphere, the airways of a person are less lubricated which can worsen the snoring. The respiratory organ's airways will only be lubricated in humid surroundings. 
  • Healthy skin and hair: The uneven skin on the lips in winters is the effect of the dry atmosphere. Skin disintegration and removal also occurs with dryness. A humidifier will improve the moisture content of the air therefore reducing the dryness from your skin as well as hair. 
  • Happy interiors: Dryness does not only affect human bodies but also the interiors of your house. A humidifier thus helps in preventing cracks in your wallpaper, increasing wooden floors' life expectancy, saving you on electric bills as it will keep your area warm. 
Buy the cute eye-catchy humidifiers and air purifiers from children territory. This will curb the appeal of your house and will make your living indoors healthy and fresh with the precise content of humidity.

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