Automatic Double Electric Breast Pump

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This breast pump design is the perfect time-saver for moms... Soft warm massage cushion to gently stimulate milk flow, accelerate the gain of milk.
Silent motor with mellow and fashion design.
USB charge and Quiet: The Universal interface of USB power, such as phone chargers, power bank, computers, and so on. No battery, more gentle and quiet than battery-powered breast pumps, convenient and portable to accompany.
BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PP materials Raw materials, do not contain harmful substances
The electric pump can easily control the suction, adjust the strength freely, farewell to the breast pain
Power efficient, little vibration, low noise, smooth running, small and light, easy to store and carry out
    How to use:
    • Choose a perfect time
    • Lie the baby around you, or put a baby picture next to you, that will help 
    •    you relax.
    • Before using, warm your breast with a fuming towel, stimulate the breast to 
    •    expand.
    • You can pump another side while the baby is sucking one side, or just work 
    •    after the baby finished.
    • Change the position of the breast pump timely will be helpful.
    • Press the power switch then enter the 90 seconds secrete mode, the system will increase sucking strength gradually until the acquiescent strength. Mothers can press plus sign and minus sign to adjust the suitable strength.
    • Press the mode button and the mode can be changed, red light on while massage mode, green light on while milk sucking mode.
    • There are 18 modes of milk sucking when long press plus sign or minus sign, red light or green light long flicker when the set reaches the highest or the lowest gears.

    Warm tips:
    1. Massage your areola to relax before pump it.
    2. Choose an appropriate suction power according to your own condition.
    3. You may have to finish it in 8 minutes. (It will not take longer than 20 
    4. Please stop it, if you feel pain in your breast and papilla.
    5. Baby cannot drink milk stored longer than 72 hours.
    6. Fresh milk and frozen milk cannot be put together.
    7. Before using it, please clean the whole machine and disinfect it.
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