DIY Sand Painting Kids Montessori Toys

8pc Small
2pc Extra large
5pc Medium
3pc Large
$21.99 USD $39.99 USD


Buy these DIY sand painting Montessori toys for your kids so that children to explore and make sense of their world. Colorful sand art allows children to explore colors and understand what happens when they get mixed. It Promotes self-confidence and independence and boosts creativity. This helps in building hand-eye coordination. A must-buy educational toy. 

  • Material: Paper
  • Recommend Age: 13-12+y
  • Warning: Inedible
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Type: Sand Painting
  • Classification: Paint Learning Notebook/Coloring Notebook
  • Style: Random pattern
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Category: DIY sand painting
Material: Paper
Style: Random pattern
8pc/Bag - Small: 8.5*11.4cm
5pc/Bag - Medium: 12*16.8cm
3pc/Bag - Large size: 15.5 * 20.8cm
2pc/Bag - Extra large: 20.5 * 27.5cm
Tips-1: Not Edible!!Not Edible!!Not Edible!!

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