Dolls Pram Safer Wooden Baby Walker

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$225.00 USD


Your children won't be able to resist the toddle walker. The design is both classic and modern, focusing on what children like to see, touch, and play with. Its range brings design to a series of wooden toys created to encourage toddlers to explore the world around them in a fun and safe way. It is distinctive for the unique way in which it blends traditional craftsmanship with bold, contemporary looks.

Imitating grown-ups' behavior is essential for a child to develop behavior upbringing, and these beautifully made prams will encourage your child to look after their dolls, keeping them tucked up and safe in the pram, going for walks, and visiting friends.

Attention to detail is a real hallmark of the range. Each of the wheeled toys also featuring shock-absorbing rubber wheels to cushion the baby's speed and potential damage to furniture, giving inquisitive toddlers the ultimate freedom to roam without worry.

Critically, the range is lovingly crafted from wood sourced from sustainable sources for today's environmentally conscious parents.

Each toy in the range is designed to:

  1. Encourage toddlers to develop their motor skills confidently and at their own pace
  2. Help toddlers explore their new environment freely without causing any damage
  3. Appeal to toddlers' aesthetics with simple shapes and bold cherry red and yellow colors and accents
  4. Bring years of joy to a family with the quality craftsmanship ensuring each toy can withstand the test of time and boisterous love
  5. Be a stylish addition to the home (not always the case with toddler's toys)
  6. These truly are toys that will last generations. 


  • Gender: Baby Boys/Girls
  • Age Range: 6m - 3yrs
  • Load Bearing: 20kg
  • Material: 98% Natural Wood,1% metal bolts 1% rubber tyres; Bamboo Fiber
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: 45.6 x 46.1 x 47.5cm

Box Contains:

  • 1 x Dolls pram