Kids Push Bubble Wristband Decompression Anti Stress Reliever Fidget Toy

1PC Orange
1PC Blue
1PC Purple
1PC Light Colorful
1PC Deep Colorful
1PC Sun Discolor
1PC Yellow
1PC Green
1PC Light BP
1PC New Colorful
1PC Candy Color
1PC Luminous Blue
1PC Luminous Orange
1PC Luminous Color
1PC Luminous Yellow
1PC Luminous Purple
1PC Luminous Cool
$17.99 USD $27.99 USD


The product is made of high-quality food-grade silicone and has obtained relevant quality inspection certificates. Non-toxic and tasteless, and can be cleaned with boiling water. A variety of bright colors are easy to get the favorite of children. When you press the bubble, there will be a slight sound. After the game is over, you can turn the toy over to start the next round of the game. It can be used for children above 3 years old to exercise the child's ability to grasp objects.

  • Recommend Age: 4-12y
  • Recommend Age: 12+y
  • Recommend Age: 18+
  • Certification: CE

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