Observing is Believing- Influence of picture books on your kid

Observing is Believing- Influence of picture books on your kid

Books are a gateway that lets you dive into a different world than yours. It lets you live a life different from your reality. And letting these books avail to kids who already have young minds with a plethora of creativity must explore their imagination power. But do you have to wait till your kid learns how to read and write and only then he/she can explore the reservoir of knowledge? –Not really! Picture books can be the building blocks for your kid to learn writing, do story analysis, enhance vocabulary, and discover characters, judge personalities, and much more. Beginning your child’s initial learning years with picture books will attract them to read more books when they grow up, after all, a book lover will always know the power of a book. Let’s see what more a picture book can influence your child with:

  • Build language skills

It is a proven fact that what we see, we tend to grab it more quickly as compared to when we read it. Similarly, when a kid reads through pictures, it opens the imagination doors of the mind to interpret what a picture really says. When you read a story to them, though they have no clue what do your words mean, they are totally relying on the pictures, but they can still recite it loud to understand the rhythm and rhyme of the word. And this learning system has arguably increased vocabulary power by 12% in kids.  

  • Inspire visual thinking

When a teacher or parent tries to dictate a story to a kid through pictures, kids sometimes point out a different aspect which we as an adult also sometimes miss. This is the power of a child’s mind. A picture can say a thousand words; a mind will decide what perspective to stick to. If difficult words are used in the story, illustrations on a picture book make it easier for the child to comprehend what is its exact meaning. Moreover, a picture book does not always tell a story, illustrations are also used to make the kids learn good habits and small things like how to brush or how to fold a hanky. What thet will observe is what they will believe in.

  • Increase engagement

The best part of a story is that it engages you completely. Even when your kid’s study time is over, the pictures of the story will make him stick to his bench just to know what the next plot is, what will happen on the next page? 

  • Have fun session 
A youngster will never do a thing he has no interest in. it is, therefore, our duty to build their interest in the things that can evolve their personality in the future as good citizens. A bad reading experience might take them away from reading habits. So to make their experience with books healthy and fun, a picture book is the best thing, to begin with. Grab eye-catchy, interesting story picture books from ChildrenTerritory today and give them the power of imagination and learning.

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