Would you dress your child in the same clothes?

Would you dress your child in the same clothes?

Celebrities are often in the spotlight, and many believe them to be the face of fashion. Many celebrities push the boundaries of fashion, setting trends and even reviving old ones.

An ancient practice has revived in recent months, thanks in large part to the rich and famous. If you follow any celebrities on social media or in the news, you've probably seen that their mothers dress their girls in matching costumes and share images of them online.

Some people are drawn to the mommy-and-me trend, while others are turned off by it. Let us break everything down for you, and then you can decide for yourself. Dressing your youngster up like your identical replica seemed to be out of style for a long time. Recently, though, we've noticed a trend, dubbed #twinning on social media, in which mom-and-daughter duos pose in cute, matching ensembles. Should you follow this trend?



Before we decide how we feel about the mommy-and-me trend, we must first understand how it began.

Mommy-and-me twinning has been popular since the 1900s and has gone in and out of favor several times since then.

According to an article in The Atlantic, the look was started by French fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin in 1908. Lanvin gave birth to Marguerite in 1897 and saw a niche within the market, so in 1908 he introduced a high-end children's collection.

Lanvin's new line employed the same materials and styles as her women's line, and Marguerite acted as the new range's model and mini-me. The mother-daughter combo was often seen wearing identical ensembles.

While Marguerite thought matching outfits were uncomfortable at the time, today's celebrity moms and their children are flaunting coordinating couture ensembles and making the trend look fashionable! These A-list parents and their children have mastered the art of twinning, from the late Princess Diana and Prince William's matching pale blue jackets in the early 1980s to Beyoncé and Blue Ivy's matching Gucci gowns.

While there is no definite answer to the question, most moms would agree that the matching outfits are for a variety of reasons.

Jennifer Farley Gordon, a fashion historian who specializes in children's apparel, says the pattern is prevalent during "periods when there is a greater cultural emphasis on the family and the mother-daughter relationship."



The mommy-and-me fad began in 1908, but it didn't endure long due to the Great Depression, which halted many luxury industries. According to The Atlantic, even affluent women couldn't buy high-end attire to match their children when the Great Depression struck. The practice eventually returned as the economy recovered, and women were spotted matching their daughters while doing housework such as cooking and cleaning. The fad has resurfaced in recent months; however, it may take on a new appearance in the age of social media.

Celebrities have been posting photos of themselves and their daughters' identical clothes on Instagram recently. The postings are a success with fans, who adore the beautiful and fashionable twinning appearance worn by female celebrities and their offspring while posing or participating in a fun activity.

While celebrities who dress up in high fashion with their daughters are fans of the mommy-and-me trend, some critics say the trend has gone too far, claiming that some of the matching costumes are inappropriate or too pricey. In several instances, Kim Kardashian-West has been seen matching her kid, North West. Kim and North West wore the same silver sequin dress to a Kanye West concert. Both dresses had an open back, and the coordinating ensemble was met with mixed reactions. Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy, on the other hand, like dressing up together. The mother-daughter combo wore matching floral outfits and can be seen swinging on swings in an Instagram video. It got tons of appreciation.

Stormi wore grey sweatpants and a sweatshirt that matched Moms in a photo tweeted by Kylie Jenner. The two were photographed kissing and winning her fans' hearts.



While this trend has resurfaced in popularity, it has also attracted a lot of criticism.

Those who oppose the trend say it is hampered by the age gap between mother and daughter. Some argue that people with such a large age gap cannot or should not wear the same clothes since it is impossible for both parties to appear decent and appropriate. In what appears to be children's attire, the mother may appear immature or stupid. On the other hand, some of Mom's clothes may be too sophisticated and provocative for a youngster to wear. Others claim that wearing identical outfits demonstrates a lack of individuality and a willingness to venture out and be your person.



Those who support this trend emphasize the good message it sends. Women who matched their daughters' costumes were once thought to be prosperous because they had the time to design outfits, sewing outfits, or afford high-end fashion.

Apart from that, and perhaps more importantly, supporters of the trend say it signifies a strong tie and relationship between a mother and her daughter. A mother's dedication to her child's life and hobbies is demonstrated through matching attire. The two spend time planning an outfit, and each individual gets to enjoy dressing up and spending time with one other.

Whatever your thoughts on the craze, there is no denying that it draws a mother and daughter closer together.

If you're undecided about the mommy-and-me trend, think about different ways to make a stylish statement while also bonding with your daughter. It's not necessary to wear nearly identical attire to achieve a mommy-and-me image. Use age-appropriate clothing or objects that can be worn by both ages at any time, such as pearls, to create outfits for both parties. You can check the family matching clothing collection here.

Pearls are a classic accessory that may be worn at any age. Complete a look with a pearl, and pass the pearls down the generations from mother to daughter.

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