Sensory Board Lock toys Montessori toy Skills games For Kids Toddler

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Make your kids aware of their skills by gifting them this Montessori toy skill game. It is made of Eco-friendly wood thus it is safe for your kids to use. It will improve their creativity and learning skills. Also, you can help them play so that you get healthy family time together. It will keep your toddler busy while you do your daily task. It will help in the development of kid’s brains as it contains mystery puzzles for them to solve.  

  • Recommend Age: 7-36m
  • Recommend Age: 4-12y
  • Recommend Age: 12+y
  • Color: Multiple colors
  • Material: Eco-friendly wood
  • Size: 50*50*20
  • Function 1: Busyboard
  • Function 2: Hand-eye coordination
  • Function 3: creativity
  • Function 4: Educational Montessori Toy
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1.Develop good learning habits: Have a wooden Maze Bead Toy and less time for children to play video games

2.Close relatives: Parents can accompany their children to play together to feel the warmth of the family

3.Development of the Brain: The puzzle toy contains the mystery, involving geometry in mathematics, operations research, etc.

4.Decompression Leisure: It is the way of stress and study to unwind and relax


OK to do

1. Wipe with a clean cloth, do not wipe heavily in case the painting will be wiped off

2. Put it under sunshine after using, wooden toys will be affected with damp easily, put it under sunshine when the sun is shining.

Not to do

1. Do not wash it. Wooden toys will be expanded after watering.

2. Do not clean it with alcohol and wet tissue like other toys do.