Math Learning Drawing Box Preschool Early Childhood Educational Toy Gift

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Bullet Points:
1. Safe to Use: The surface of the building blocks is made of high-quality water-based paint, which is safe and non-toxic to use.
2. Fine Craft: The surfaces of the blocks are smooth and polished, which will not hurt your baby's hands.
3. Fine Shape: With the math learning box, the math game stimulated children's awareness of colors and shapes, which is helpful to distinguish different colors and shapes.
4. Practical in Use: The math learning box can make children understand numbers easier, so the kids can do the math calculation more easily.

5. Joy Provider: The math learning box is ideal for interaction between parents and children, thus adding more family life fun.

Material: Pine
Weight(about): 800g
Suitable for 3 years old and above
Packaging: Wooden box
Packing size(about): 27.2*4.5*17.1cm/10.71*1.77*6.73in

Packing List: 
Math Learning box * 1