Kids Girls Quinn T Shirt Joker Jacket Halloween Costume

one piece glove
one wig
50cm baseball bat
Alloy baseball bat
Accessory 1
Accessory 2
7pcs Tattoo stickers
5pcs No.1
5pcs No.2
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This Halloween party joker jacket is ready to party. Because it is soft and comfortable, your girl would like wearing it. These coats are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for travel. This outfit is ideal for Halloween, costume parties, theme parties, and other occasions. Allow your child to enjoy the celebration by dressing her up in one of these costumes. It's Halloween, and everyone has the right to dress up creatively.

  • Components: Top
  • Components: Jackets
  • Components: Shorts
  • Gender: Girls
  • Item Type: Sets
  • Material: Polyester
  • Characters: Harleen Quinzel
  • Special Use: Costumes

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Kids S Size:

Fit for height 95-110cm(37"-43"tall).

Jacket Length: 42cm,  Bust: 56-64cm.

T-shirt Length: 38cm,  Bust: 54-62cm.

Shorts Length: 22cm,  Waist:40-48cm.

Kids M Size:

Fit for height 110-125cm(43"-49"tall);

Jacket Length: 45cm,  Bust: 62-72cm.

T-shirt Length: 40cm,  Bust: 62-72cm.

Shorts Length: 23cm,  Waist:46-54cm.

Kids L Size:

Fit for height 125-135cm(49"-53"tall);

Jacket Length: 48cm,  Bust: 68-76cm;

T-shirt Length: 43cm,  Bust: 68-76cm;

Shorts Length: 24cm,  Waist:54-60cm.

Kids XL Size:

Fit for height 135-150cm(53"-59"tall);

Jacket Length: 52cm, Bust: 74-86cm;

T-shirt Length: 47cm,  Bust: 74-86cm;

Shorts Length: 26cm,  Waist:60-68cm.

Adult S : Fit height 155-165cm(61"-65"tall).

Jacket length: 60cm, Bust: 84-90cm

T-shirt Length: 56cm, Bust: 80-86cm

Shorts length: 27cm, Waist: 56-70cm.

Adult M : Fit height 165-172cm(65"-67"tall).

Jacket length: 62cm, Bust: 88-96cm

T-shirt Length: 57cm, Bust: 84-90cm

Shorts length: 28cm, Waist: 60-74cm.

Adult L : Fit height 170-178cm(66"-70"tall).

Jacket length: 64cm, Bust: 92-100cm

T-shirt Length: 59cm, Bust: 90-100cm

Shorts length: 29cm, Waist: 64-80cm.