Mother Baby Care Thermal Backpack Baby Care Travel Backpack

Grey 2
Claret Red
$50.99 USD


  • Use: THERMAL
  • Age Group: Babies
  • Type: Storage Bags

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 Product features;

The ability to be used as a handbag and a shoulder bag,

Feature of domestic production waterproof and stain-resistant quality fabric made of first-class material,

Fabrics used in all of models baby care shoulder and backpacks are processed in our workshops after passing tensile strength, tear strength, seam strength, pilling (Pilling), and air permeability tests.

Thermal partitioned liquid storage area with a volume of up to 3 bottles,

The zippered back compartment where you can easily store personal items such as wallets and phones,

Top double zipper feature that can be opened in both directions,

The large interior volume that you can use with fixed quality metals,

Bag interior with a quality inner lining and an interior compartment where you can store different items,

The bag measures 57 cm in width, 35 cm in length, and 25 cm in width.


Washing Instruction: Please do not use bleaching detergent in order to use our products for a longer time. Perform the washing, drying, and ironing processes in reverse.