Kids Oxford Reading Tree Biff Educational Learning Books

25 Books 4-6 Levels
10 Books 1 level
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This oxford reading tree for your kids to learn at home. The complete set with 3 levels and stories each. The vivid print will help your kids to read more. Kids will learn to value books and stories. It sparks your child's imagination and stimulates curiosity. It will help develop your child's brain, ability to focus, concentration, social skills, and communication skills. A must-buy product.


  • Age Range: 8-11 Years
  • Material: Paper
  • Item Type: kids English Reading Book

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Book information:
Title: Oxford Reading Tree 4-6 READ WITH Biff, Chip & Kipper
Author: Annemarie Young and Kate Ruttle

Language: English
Weight: 1.99KG
Pages: 24-32 in 25 books
Size: 20.3 X 16.7cm

One: the 4th level
1.First Stories: The Spaceship
2.First Stories: Dragon Danger
3.First Stories: The Raft Race
4.First Stories: Missing!
5.Phonics: The Red Coat
6.Phonics: Quick! Quick!
7.Phonics: Wet Feet
8.Phonics: The Moon Jet

Two, the 5th level
9. First Stories: Looking After Gran
10.First Stories: Husky Adventure
11.First Stories: Hungry Floppy
12.First Stories: Trapped!
13.Phonics: Seasick
14.Phonics: Graig Saves the Day
15.Phonics: Dolphin Rescue
16.Phonics: Egg Fried Rice

Three, the 6th level
17.First Stories: Secret of the Sands
18.First Stories: The Lost Voice
19.First Stories: Mountain Rescue
20.First Stories: Hairy-Scary Monster
21.Phonics: Gran's New Blue Shoes
22.Phonics: Save Pudding Wood
23.Phonics: Uncle Max
24.Phonics: Ice City
25. Helping Your Child to Read (this is a reading manual)