22 Books Set Biscuit Series English Reading Book with Pictures for Kids

22 books
24 books
12 books blue
12 books red
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Total 24 pieces interesting stories.
Many mothers in the world? Have probably heard about and even touched Biscuit, the "I can read" series of home-reading books.
This is a set of excellent parent-child reading works recognized by the media and parents.
More than 20 million families around the world have owned it and become its loyal fans.
  • Language: English
  • Age Range: 5-7 Years
  • Material: Paper
  • Size: 23X15cm

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1.My First ICR Biscuit's Day at the Farm
2.My First ICR Biscuit Takes a Walk
3.My First ICR Biscuit Wants to Play
4.My First ICR Biscuit and the Lost Teddy Bear
5.My First ICR Biscuit Meets the Class Pet
6.My First ICR Biscuit Plays Ball
7.My First ICR Biscuit Goes to School
8.My First ICR Biscuit and the Little Pup
9.My First ICR Biscuit and the Baby
10.My First ICR Biscuit Finds a Friend
11.My First ICR Biscuit Visits the Big City
12.My First ICR Biscuit Loves the Library
13.My First ICR Biscuit
14.My First ICR Biscuit's Big Friend
15.My First ICR Biscuit Wins a Prize
16.My First ICR Biscuit's New Trick
17.My First ICR Biscuit in the Garden
18.My First ICR Biscuit Flies a Kite
19.My First ICR Bathtime for Biscuit
20.My First ICR Biscuit Goes Camping
21.My First ICR Biscuit Loves the Park
22.My First ICR Biscuit and the Big Parade!

language: English
pages:12 for one book
including 24 books
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