Kids Baby Stroller Cup Holder Accessories

Cup holder gray
Cup holder black A
Cup holder Black B
Cup holder black C
2 in 1 Cup holder E
Cup holder for car
2 in 1 Cup holder D
2 in 1 Cup holder F
One pair hook pink
One pair hook yellow
1PC hook
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Even with a stroller, you don’t have enough hands or arms to carry all the things. Let the Mommy Hook hold your bags for you! It has a foam grip; it easily attaches to a stroller handlebar. Your toddler will inevitably ask you for a drink while you’re out and about. So if you have a toddler, this is one stroller cup holder add-on you can’t live without. A cell phone holder that attaches to a stroller’s handlebar is what every modern parent on the go needs.

  • Material: ABS
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Cup holder and hook
  • Age Range: 0-3y
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Color: Black A, Gray; Black B, Black C, 2 in 1 black D.