Kids 3D Copybook For Calligraphy Numbers Learning English Handwriting Practice Book

Product Description
$23.95 USD

1、Handwriting Skills: This is a copy of the English handwriting pen. It emphasizes writing skills training so that readers can master English handwriting skills and write beautiful English words through training.
2、Establish Own Style: The copybook can help children or adults practice different handwriting fonts and establish their own style.
3、Repeated Practice: The handwriting disappears automatically after drying, which is very suitable for repeated practice. If you want to learn calligraphy, you must have a copybook. Only handwriting does not include other accessory demonstrations in the picture.
4、Meet Requirements: Practicing these roles well can meet the requirements of daily life, work, and study.
5、Not Easy to Stain: The paper is thick and not easy to stain. Ideal for writing calligraphy letters.
  • Warning: Keep away from fire
  • Age Range: 3~13 Years
  • Condition: New
  • Binding: Softcover/Wraps
  • Publication Year: 2010-Now
  • Format: Paperback
  • Name: Groove math Copybook
  • For people: Child Kid Student
  • Copybook: Learn Numbers, English Alphabet
  • Language: English