Mini English Child Touch Ipad/Computer Learning Education Machine/Kids Baby Toys/Educational Gift /Language Study Table

Product Description
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Multifunction modes - 18 different functions
Volume adjustment in several stages
Number: 1-10 (Chinese and English), each number represents a song (in music mode);
Letter: alphabet voice exercises for 26 letters
Word: voice exercises for 26 English words;
Spelling: spelling exercises for 26 English words;
Find letters: press - find the letter - found (praise) / not found ("please try again");
Digital reading: press-choose a number (1-10) -read after the machine;
Find numbers: press - find number - found (praise) / not found ("please try again");
Formula Plus: press - find the answer - right (praise) / wrong ("please try again");
Less formula: press - find the answer - right (praise) / wrong ("please try again");
Multiplication mouth summary: the basic ones, like 1x1 = 1;
Division: the basic ones, like 2/2 = 1;
Reading letters: press "letter" - choose a letter - read after the machine;
Find word: press - find word - found (praise) / not found ("please try again");
Learn phonetics: press - choose an image - read after the machine;
Electronic scale / organ: press "scale", then choose different numbers (7 numbers in total) to play;
Listen to music: press "listen to music", then choose any image (one song for one image - about 30 popular songs for kids;
Chinese / English: 1st press - Chinese; 2nd press - English.


A second press is necessary for each function to work
Fun means (animal calls, ladder, etc.) are provided for children to learn letters, words, songs, etc.
8 different, more powerful learning modes.
Portable (only 1.8 cm thick), soft press, easy to use for children.
Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)
With retail package, package size: 18.5 x 14.5 x 2.5cm
Blue color

Package Included:
1 x multifunctional learning touch computer