Pro Stunt Scooter Freestyle Street Surfing Kick Scooter Trick Skatepark BMX Handlebars Professional Extreme Sports Scooter

$164.69 USD


Configuration color: aluminum oxide matte red car body, aluminum oxide matte blue car body
Standard full car specifications: length 650 * width 520 * height 850mm
Standard T-word: Weiwu King Kong 510MM extended handlebars * 2MM thickened reinforced chrome steel pipe
Standard gloves: 140MM high elastic TPE environmental protection 35 ° soft non-slip handle
Safety lock: 57MM long thickening and strengthening three-wire reverse direction safety lock to ensure the safety of stunts!
Standard cardboard: 480*100mm 6061 aviation aluminum
Front fork: steel integrated stamping fork + sealed bearing wrist set + high-end aluminum alloy seven-piece set
Wheel diameter: 100*24mm 88A hardness high elastic polyurethane (PU) solid tire
Wheel core: 70*24MM solid core aluminum integrated CNC CNC center cutting process
Aluminum wheel core material: 7075 aviation aluminum wheel core