Girl LED Light Witch Hat + Spider Cobweb Skirt + Magic Wand Set

silver spiderweb 2
silver spiderweb
pink skirt
red skirt
light green skirt
dark green skirt
purple spider web
silver spider web
colors spider web
orange skirt
1PCS magic wand
golden spider web
colors spiderweb 2
colors spiderweb
silver spiderweb 4
silver spiderweb 3
golden spiderweb 2
golden spiderweb
colors spiderweb 4
colors spiderweb 3
purple spiderweb 3
purple spiderweb 2
purple spiderweb
golden spiderweb 3
purple skirt
black skirt
purple spiderweb 5
purple spiderweb 4
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Buy these Led light witch hat and spider cobweb skirt with a magic wand to make your girl rock Halloween. This Halloween let her dress with these over-the-top outfit sets.  It will give your child an elegant look. The fabric is soft, breathable, comfortable, and skin-friendly. Let them rock their carnival look in these super cute costumes.

  • Components: Skirts
  • Components: witch hat
  • Source Type: HOLIDAY
  • Gender: Girls
  • Item Type: Sets
  • Material: Polyester
  • Characters: Witch or Christmas
  • Special Use: Costumes

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1: The waistband is elastic and it's easy on and off, and can fit a variety of shapes and sizes. Satin-covered waistband for added comfort.
2: Layered ballet tutu with led lights, made of high-quality materials, with vibrant colors, soft and comfortable to wear.
3: The lights look bright and awesome at night, and gives a great Illumination of the neon skirts.
4: Two-button cells included. The battery is with an ON/OFF switch in a small plastic box at the waistband. The led lights last longer.
5: Eye-catching spiderweb tutu skirt that won't easily fall off, Great for costume parties, holiday events,  marathon runs, and more.

Specification for skirt
Skirt colors: purple spider web, silvery spider web, golden spider web, colors spider web
Tile Waist:38cm(can strech to 70cm) .Skirt Length:About 28cm .One size fits for 2-8 years old children. 
Powered by 2 x button batteries (included and replacement). Light mode:  Burn on
.  3-layers skirt. 

Note: If the weight of 7-8 years girls is fatter, the skirt may be smaller. Suitable for normal 2-8 bodyweight. please check the waistline

Hat and magic wands:: Powered by button batteries