Kids Girls Halloween Party Joker Jacket Suit

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This Halloween party joker jacket sets to rock Halloween. Your girl will enjoy wearing this because it is soft and comfortable. These jackets are easy to carry and breathable. This is perfect wear for Halloween, dress-up parties, theme parties, and other events. Dress your kid uniquely in these costumes and let them enjoy the party!  It's Halloween, and everyone is entitled to a good costume.

  • Components: Top
  • Components: Pants
  • Components: Jackets
  • Source Type: Movie & TV
  • Gender: Girls
  • Item Type: Sets
  • Material: Polyester
  • Characters: Suicide
  • Source Countries: Europe and the United States
  • Model Number: Jocker Cosplay
  • Special Use: Costumes

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Wigs need to be purchased separately.

Our size according to the height of your children.


S Size: Fit for height 95cm-110cm child.
M Size: Fit for height 110cm-125cm child.
L Size: Fit for height 125cm-135cm child.
XL Size: Fit for height 135cm-145cm child.

S Size:  Fit for height 95cm-110cm child
Jacket Length: 43cm,  Bust: 58~64cm
T-shirt Length: 38cm,  Bust: 58~62cm
Shorts Length: 22cm,  Waist:40~48cm,  Hips: 54~60cm

M Size: Fit for height 110cm-125cm child
Jacket Length: 45cm,  Bust: 64~72cm
T-shirt Length: 40cm,  Bust: 64~72cm
Shorts Length: 23cm,  Waist:46~54cm,  Hips: 60~68cm

L Size:  Fit for height 125cm-135cm child
Jacket Length: 48cm,  Bust: 68~76cm
T-shirt Length: 43cm,  Bust: 68~76cm
Shorts Length: 24cm,  Waist:60~68cm,  Hips: 64~72cm

XL Size:  Fit for height 135cm-145cm child
Jacket Length: 52cm,  Bust: 80~88cm
T-shirt Length: 47cm,  Bust: 80~88cm
Shorts Length: 26cm,  Waist:68~78cm,  Hips: 74~84cm